SDSU beats Air Force

When I decided to buy season tickets to San Diego State I have to admit that I did it on a whim. In 2008, they were horrible. But they got a new coach and I figured that for less than $100 per seat, I couldn’t lose.

My hope has always been that my kids would learn to love football the same way I learned to love football… on Saturday’s with dad at the stadium. Last season was a bit rough. The only thing the kids liked about the games was spending some time with me and our trip to Rite Aid to load up on candy to take to the game. This year, with the team noticeably better, they’ve started to get into it a tad more.

Last night was a huge win for the program. But it was also a huge win for Paul becoming a football fan. For a big chunk of the last five minutes of the game Paul stood on the back of the seat in the row in front of us, shoulder to shoulder with me, screaming “Defense! Let’s go Aztecs! Defense! Oooooo!” (And stuff like that.)

When we scored, he joined in the chorus of high fives. When we recovered the onside kick, he shouted YES!

It was a cool bonding time for us.

Here’s a couple of videos I took on my phone from the beginning. (I’ve got kind of a meme going)

National Anthem (Ahem, that’s not me singing, that’s the guys in front of me)

Football team taking the field

The video above is from They are local sports nuts who have created a name for themselves by doing a local sports blog. I had a similar idea to do this in Romeo but never got around to it. Kudos to them for creating something out of nothing.





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  1. Blake Avatar

    I’m sure it was a little easier become a fan of the Fighting Irish than the Aztecs.

    But it’s cool that you’re forming a great bond w/ your kids over something you love. My kids are 9, 5, and 2. But I don’t think my two oldest (girls) are going to care so much about football. Could be wrong. We are Mississippi State fans living in Oxford (where Ole Miss is). So they’re pretty defensive when people ask them if they cheer for the Rebels.

    But I’m hoping my boy and I will be able to share quite a few moments cheering for the Bulldogs. But I’ve not given up on my girls either!!!

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