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So this is how The Guardian, a U.K.-based news entity, would like to see themselves. They are the hero allowing justice to flow through the free and open exchange of information. In their vision The Guardian isn’t necessarily a news agency but rather a conduit by which emerging facts and opinions flow. In their vision, as a conduit for new media, people get the information they need to revolt against the government.

It’s a very slick commercial. And it’s not a bad vision for a news agency.

But does anyone really believe that this is who the big players in the news work? 





3 responses to “Open Journalism”

  1. Stephen Avatar

    Being from the UK, I can assure you that this isn’t how the Guardian works – they’ll never let the truth get in the way of some good outrage!

    Having said that, it is a really well-done video

  2. Jay Phillippi Avatar

    The idea that somehow you can be a “conduit” for the news without imparting some level of bias is naive.  In the end someone decides what will and won’t be published.  And that editorial decision (which is necessary and reasonable) imparts some bias into the feed.  What you want are decision makers who have a bias in favor of real news stories and important news stories and stories that matter in the lives of their community.  But it’s a bias never the less.

    Jay Phillippi

    1. Stephen Avatar

      That’s a good point. You can see the bias within the video itself – the pigs have boiled an asthmatic wolf alive and committed insurance fraud. The Guardian present this in the video as being the fault of bankers and that this is justification for rioting!

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