Where in the world is Adam?

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.04.44 AMSaturday begins an 8 week sprint to Thanksgiving. Between now and then I’ll be away from home roughly 50% of the time, generally gone Thursday-Sunday.

It’s a time of year my partner in crime is affectionately calling the insanity.

Every single thing I’m doing I’m excited about. It’s wonderfully insane.

So where am I going? And, how can we see one another? Those two questions seem relevant.

On Saturday, I’m spending time with Brock Morgan and some youth workers here in San Diego on behalf of Praying Pelican Missions. I’m connecting with people interested in taking teenagers to Haiti for a few hours Saturday afternoon, then going to dinner to continue that. If you’ve got a heart for Haiti and want to get involved, this is a great way to do that.

On Sunday, I fly to Nashville where I’ll be leading 2-days of student workshops on social media at a prep school called Battle Ground Academy as well as leading a parent workshop Monday night.

Tuesday evening, I am driving up to Vincennes, Indiana to spend about 18 hours visiting my mom, specifically seeing my grandmother who is in hospice care.

Wednesday afternoon, I’ll drive up to Plainfield to be lead a parent workshop on social media. If you are in the Indianapolis area this is one of two events that you can jump in on.

Thursday through Sunday morning I’ll be at the Middle School Ministry Campference in Seymour. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of middle school pastors. Really, I’m there to hang out. Besides leading a discussion on social media in ministry my #1 objective is  to connect.

Then, Sunday evening, Marko and I will be leading the Best Ever Parent Training Ever in Carmel.

Phew, that’s trip one.

Then I’m home about 30 hours before leaving for Paris on Wednesday, October 16th. This will be my first trip to Paris since high school and I’m really looking forward to it. Open Paris in October 18-19, if you do youth ministry in Europe, it’d mean a bunch to me if you could make it.

That’s trip two.

Next up is Seattle! I’ll be in Seattle October 25-28, helping Brian Aaby lead Open Seattle. If you minister to adolescents in the Pacific Northwest, well… you already know Open Seattle is the bomb. On Sunday, October 27th I’ll be leading a parent workshop on social media at Holy Rosary parish & school in Edmonds, I’d love to see you there.

That’s trip three. Then I get a week to be home, trick-or-treat with the kids, and rest a bit.

On November 6th, Marko and I fly to Atlanta for The Summit. This is our big-time, TED-like, national-styled youth ministry event. There’s still plenty-o-time for you to register and get yourself and your crew there. The Summit is November 8-9, you don’t want to miss that.

On November 10th, Marko and I are doing the Best Ever Parent Training Ever in the Atlanta area. (I’ll be doing my social media seminar.) Again, another place to meet up… bring some parents of teenagers and you will be delighted.

From there I head to Lake Wales, Florida to do another parent workshop on social media on November 12th, this time for parents of a local charter school.

That’s trip four.

On November 15th, I head up to San Fransisco for Open Bay Area. Not to sound like a broken record… but if you do youth ministry in the Bay Area, come check out Open because it’s all about doing ministry in the Bay Area. Every single speaker is actively doing ministry in NorCal. Seriously, where else are you going to get that kind of training?

After that it’s Thanksgiving week! Phew!

How can we connect? Drop me an email or hit me up on Facebook. If it’s possible, I’d love to say hello.

Can you add anything else? I’m not looking to do any additional trips. But if you want to wedge something into an existing trip, I’m all about it. My goal is to maximize these four trips. And by maximize I mean: Book as much as possible.

How can I pray for you? Pray for my family. In total, I’ll be away from home about 30% of 2013. Kristen is amazing and strong. But this is taxing on us all. Pray for me. I’ve got a big stretch of hotel nights and I really dislike staying in hotels. Pray for success. I’m not doing this stuff for kicks… I mean so much of it really is a good time, I’m doing this stuff because I believe that what I’m doing is helping people, pray that all of these events go well and that all of the various audiences I get to speak at this Fall are receptive.

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By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


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