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Open Boston is just a month from today!

If you aren’t familiar with what Open is all about, check out the manifesto or talks from previous ones.

For $25 you’re going to get 1.5 half days of high quality, highly localized youth ministry training.

See, we’re taking the traditional training event paradigm and flipping it on it’s head.

  • Open is locally organized by a team of folks doing ministry in that area.
  • Open takes speaker ideas/submissions from the youth ministry community. Anyone can submit a proposal to speak.
  • Open is supported financially by local ministries, organizations, and companies whose heart is to gather and resource the church.
  • Open is shameless about putting practitioners in front of practitioners to share what they are learning on the field. This creates a unique learning environment and energy I’ve not seen at any other event.
  • Open unashamedly benefits the local organizer and a local ministry so most of the money from the event stays in the community. (Open Boston is benefiting The Boston Project)

Open Boston is now even better!

Last night Jake, our local organizer, confirmed a location for a Friday pre-conference day. (2/7) We’re offering two back-to-back intensives, one from Marko and another from Rachel Blom, a dinner for everyone for those who can make it, and a  time of worship. We did this at Open Paris and it helped create an amazing retreat-like feel to the weekend. It’s also super casual… so it’ll start at 1:30 with Marko and just get there when you can.

Crazy part about that? The price is still $25. I love it.

Register here.

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By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.


  1. Will you be able to issue Continuing Education certificates for those of us who are required to keep track of such things?

    1. Hey Gene… I wish we were sophisticated enough to know how to do that. I’m totally happy to provide any documentation you’d need to use our time at Open for continuing ed… I just don’t even know where to start with that!

  2. Not much to it. CE units are not something that is regulated like college credit is. Pretty much each organization has their own standard — that makes it hard for something across the board between disciplines. But, our standard in my system is that “10 hours of supervised study equals 1 unit”. So, workshops and seminars are generally a function of just keeping a clock on the day’s activities. Lunch and fellowship times generally don’t count unless it really is something structured into the event as a “learning” session. Units are rounded down, not up. But half units of credit are often given for shorter activities. I have an annual event I attend that has a four 3-hour sessions spread over 2.5 days with a final 2 hour lecture associated with a dinner. In other words 14 hours of supervised study, and for that I get 1 unit of CE.

    I don’t really need you to provide any additional documentation you’re not prepared to do, as I can use our formula and your event schedule as sufficient documentation. But it’s nice when we go to these events and they give us a piece of paper to put in our files. So, as you move forward it might be something you want to investigate as your grow your ministry. It is just one of the many things that people who are in different places in ministry (with different expectations placed on them by ajudicatories and church councils) will sometimes look at in evaluating which events are and are not for them.

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