Little Old Me

Do you ever have any concept of how small you are? We aren’t even dots on a map. In the course of human history your 72 years are nothing. Not even a waypoint in the 21st century.

I barely know my own culture, what kind of arrogance do I have to have to think I can do anything of value in another culture? I’m not special or talented or gifted or any of those things.

I’m just a dude.


Maybe a little below average, too. Except in weight, above average there…

I’m just a dude. A dad with a minivan and a job and a blog. Why exactly am I 2500 miles from my family sleeping in a hammock next to a river.

A blog? You’re going with that? Your contribution is a blog?

Thomas Paine didn’t have a blog. Neither did Samuel Adams or any of those other people. No one important had a blog. A private journal, sure. But not something other people would read.

So what am I doing here? Who am I? What difference can I make?

These are the thoughts I had as I was going about my day today.

They were loud!

I’m not God. I’m not some crazy zealot. “I’m just a dude. A dad with a minivan and a job and a blog.”

So let’s step back to reality.

These are lies. Doubts. Unhelpful voices giving unhelpful advice routed in an old system.

Jesus Came for This

I am not great, but the One I represent is. He came precisely so ordinary people from ordinary walks of life could do the work previously reserved for highly qualified people. He came to set us free of these doubts so we could walk in faith and full knowledge that we do [indeed] lack the power to do anything in Haiti of value– but His power works through us.

I don’t know what your doubts are today. But we all face them. Today, for me, it was a doubt of purpose on this trip… “Why am I here and what good can I do?”

But for you? It’s probably something different. My point is the same though… With Jesus you are qualified. With Jesus you have power and purpose and whatever you do today in His name is good.

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  1. Carl Fuglein Avatar
    Carl Fuglein

    Thanks for sharing today, Adam. I needed this today and this week, if only for the encouragement of “little old me.” I’ll challenge you for that title.

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