In Haiti… For a While

IMG_8887Hi. My name is Adam McLane and I’m addicted to going to Haiti.

How many times have you been to Haiti?” That’s a question I hear quite frequently when I meet people on trips. “A lot” is my new response. I suppose I could go back and count, but it’s easier to just say that I’ve been here a lot.

This trip has two distinct parts and one special bonus.

The bonus is that Megan, my 15 year old daughter, is with me. This is her first mission trip and second time out of the country. That she’d even be willing to spend 14 days with me is enough… it’s so fun for me that she gets to meet a lot of my friends in Haiti and experience a whole bunch of new stuff. It makes a dad’s heart happy to share what he loves with his kids. I’ve been looking forward to it and so far she’s doing great.

IMG_8853The first part of the trip, from Wednesday until Monday, is being spent visiting with our missions partners in Haiti. We’ve been going around and visiting church leaders and Haitian staff, collecting stories that I’ll share here on the blog next week.

The second part of the trip, next Monday until we leave on August 9, Megan and I will be joining the high school team from our church. There we’ll work with our sister church in Carrefour, investing in the church’s ministry to youth.

From Then to Here

IMG_8875As I’ve shared on previous trips… things have shifted in Haiti. We are well past emergency relief after the 2010 earthquakes. At this point so much of the work being done is building up the local church, who often act as the social net for the poorest of the poor in each community. So far this week I’ve already had the opportunity to visit with social entrepreneurial non-profits, Papillon Enterprises and Haiti Made. These types of NGO’s are exciting and new– even two years ago they weren’t thriving like they are now. These are exciting to visit, doing very well, and are totally gorgeous (and tasty!) pit stops for visitors.

You can follow along to the more minute details of my trip on Twitter and Instagram.

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By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


  1. I so wish it were in the plans for us to go back sometime soon. I love it there and miss it. I long to visit with our sister church again. I am enjoying all your posts and pictures.

    1. Adam, that seems amazing! My husband and I dream of taking a youth group on yearly mission trips. I’m super excited to hear about it all.

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