What are you thankful for?

So far, 2016 has been a survival year. Broken bones, Zika, break-ins, bullet holes, school drama, the works! And with all the external chaos it feels like 2016 is coming in for a hard landing. So, friends, I’m asking… what are you thankful for in 2016?

Inspire me.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


  1. Following in the Thanksgiving tradition of the five kernels of corn….here are my 5

    Thankful for a church community that truly cares and supports me. Have been granted a 3 week medical leave in January for some foot surgery. Nice to know people have my back.

    Thankful for people who continue to inspire and challenge me. People like Adam whose writings are carefully crafted and cause me to think and explore my own ideas.

    Thankful for my Wednesday men’s breakfast group – who gather for fellowship and to care for one another.

    Thankful to live alongside Lake Michigan year round – where all four seasons bring new experiences

    Thankful for grandchildren who keep me you.

  2. 1st: learning that I was going to become a grandma. To say I’m thankful, is putting it mildly.
    2nd: That Autumn Aloha & Brad moved closer to us. I will be able to spoil (I meant visit) my grandbaby more often.
    3rd: That I get to enjoy another Thanksgiving with my mom and that she is still pretty healthy (minus some aches and pains) and that her mind is still good.

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