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My Life is Like a Garden

[I just spent 4 hours in the garden this morning. It’s helped me get over the Aztec loss last night. At least a little.)

My life is like my garden.

Like with vegetables. Sometimes success is easy. (Cherry tomatoes, zucchini) Sometimes it’s hard. (Habanero) Sometimes things fail. (My lettuce was bitter and bolted to seed really quick)

Most good things take time to get really good. (Cosmos, zinnias) Other things are cool for a very short period of time so you soak it up while it lasts. (Nasturtium) Some things you just plant an leave alone. (Green peppers) Other things you have to keep in check or they’ll take over. (Zucchini)

I experiment. (Aquaponics)

I fail. (I’m hit or miss at seed starting and it’s so frustrating.)

Bad things happen. (Rats ate most of our watermelon and cantaloupe.)

I overplan. (Uh, where is that new fence?)

I overwater.

I water weeds.

I plant things I don’t like to eat.

I pay a lot of attention, then none at all, for seemingly no reason.

I let things go. I over-compensate.

I’m over-confident. I’m too afraid to try.

I take notes. I don’t look at them.

I can grow things year-round. But I only really like gardening in the spring and summer.

The list goes on and on.

Life is like my garden because my garden reflects my life.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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