Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story was a very good, intense documentary, delving into the relationship of a couple who couldn’t even agree on what state they lived in, but loved each other to the point of madness.

The film documents the process of their separation and potential divorce.

Spoiler: They divorce.

I thought this film was dominated by its very clever writing. Like most fans of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, I never knew that Kylo Ren and Black Widow were married. This intimate look into their relationship provided an unspoken subplot to think about, which will force this viewer to go back and watch both series again. The film left audiences wondering, “Perhaps his troubled relationship with his wife ultimately triggered Ren to kill his father?”

One of Ren’s divorce attorneys during a previous career where he served as a Korean War M.A.S.H. surgeon.

There were many deep layers to unpack throughout with cameos linking genres and films dating back decades. For example, I never saw Hawkeye Pierce becoming a family law attorney in the winter years of his life. As we saw in The West Wing, it made sense that he followed up his begrudged enlistment in the Army to serve as a surgeon by becoming a U.S. Senator, that made sense to me. But things really took an introspective turn here at the end of his career with his current career as a divorce lawyer.

I hope director Noah Baumbach does more films with this level of intimate backstory of characters we love and loathe.

Well worth your time. Netflix subscription required. Not appropriate for children under the age of 29.





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