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  • DCLA Recap – directors cut

    Let’s see… so much in this show to cover! – Brittany did a great job hosting the DCLA recap. She ran our registration area… but once she was done she got to join “the fun team” and run around with me capturing video and pictures. – The opening thing we shot on the Mall. It…

  • Youth workers are nuts

    I guess I’ve always known this. Heck, I know I’ve been nuts a long time. But this weekend I got a lot of glimpses at just how crazy some youth workers are. In fact the craziest youth workers are volunteers who wil bring 45 kids from Kansas to Los Angeles for an event– by car–…

  • Scott Erickson = Rock Star

    Scott is our artist in residence. He takes his gig with us seriously. His live paintings add tremendous depth to our large meetings. But he’s not just a serious painter, he’s a rock star too.

  • In Los Angeles

    Sorry for the blog silence. This week I’m in Los Angeles for DCLA. I’m posting all sorts of video and pictures at the DCLA page on Facebook.