The Home Depot I Wish Existed

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with Home Depot. To be transparent, right now, at the tail end of the Tiny Office project I’ve got a hate-hate relationship wit Home Depot. Love that it’s convenient. While they don’t have a lot of selection most of my trips are fruitful, I find something that’ll work. Hate how stupid…… Continue reading The Home Depot I Wish Existed

DIY Sun-Dried Tomatoes

As I mentioned last week, our garden severely over-produced yellow cherry tomatoes, leading to the great tomato apocalpyse of 2010. With more than 5 lbs of tomatoes and no one willing to eat them in sight, we decided to get creative about preserving them. Here’s how we made sun-dried tomatoes. Step 1: Prepare the place…… Continue reading DIY Sun-Dried Tomatoes