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  • Give it some gas

    Give it some gas

    In high school I drove a hoopty, a 1978 Ford LTD Station Wagon. It was a tank. And I think it literally had the engine of a tank. Every morning I stopped on the way to school to get $5 in gas. And on Friday’s I got $5 in gas and a quart of 10W40. […]

  • When Great Ideas Overcome the Noise

    When Great Ideas Overcome the Noise

    Great ideas come into the world as quietly as doves. Perhaps then , if we listen attentively we shall hear, among the uproar of empires and nations, the faint fluttering of wings, the gentle stirrings of life and hope. Some will say this hope lies in a nation; others in a man. I believe rather […]

  • How to become an innovator

    “Well, there really are such things as stupid questions.” This was a phrase uttered in my workshop last weekend. It was met with agreement among the crowd. But it struck me as an undermining of something core to the human experience. Something deep inside me yawned at the cackles. And something else in me was […]

  • 4 Outside of the Box Program Ideas for Youth Ministry

    Here’s 5 ideas that are outside of the norm for youth group. (Nothing wrong with traditional youth group, just sharing ideas.) My hope is that these ideas will spark you to create programs that your community actually needs as opposed to building your ministry purely on a combination of felt need & what you experienced […]

  • 7 Ways to Build a Sustainable Movement

    Want to see change? Don’t start a church. Don’t start a business. Don’t hire a bunch of experts. Those things are great. But they are a bit finite in their ability to affect macro-level-change in society. Instead, start a movement of people. And if you really want to see change, start a sustainable movement. As […]

  • Unleash your awesome for good

    Such a beautiful portrait of what can be done for good when you really unleash your true self. It makes me wonder… if you follow Jesus you were created for good works. (Ephesians 2:10) All too often we focus on the good works part and rush to do stuff. But maybe you’ll find what your […]

  • Front-line innovation

    Brilliant. Putting a flywheel on a bike to store lost energy? I ride my bike quite a bit, it’s the cheapest and fastest way I can get around town. This is a relatively simple solution for wasted energy of stopping for a red light. Here’s what I know about innovation. It’s never come out of […]