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  • Sabotage!


    I think most people block their own paths to success. They know what they need to do. They have the opportunity. But they put up limits on themselves, thus sabotaging their potential. Some of it might be external: They don’t have a family history of success. They’ve not been empowered or educated to make the […]

  • Questions About the Slow Life

    It’s interesting. I’m often told I’m busy. “I know you’re a busy guy… but.” “Would you have time to…” On and on. What’s interesting to me about that is that people think of me as a busy person when I think of my life as hard-working & efficient between intentional, gratuitous periods of slowness. Perhaps […]

  • How to buy a used car for way below Kelly Blue Book price, part 2

    In Part 1 of this series I shared some general¬†used car buying tips that I gleaned from my own experience and reading a few articles on the topic. In this post, I get specific about how I used those general tips to get a great deal on my used minivan. Preface: I spent several weeks […]

  • How to buy a used car for way below Kelly Blue Book, Part 1

    After a couple months of research we were finally able to purchase a great used minivan while getting a good deal from a reputable dealer. General used car buying advice Preface — Download the free Kelly Blue Book app for your phone. In order to beat the dealer in real time, you’ll want to have […]

  • Thomas Jefferson on Friendship

  • Take Your Time

    I believe your life is a canvas on which you are painting a masterpiece. If you’re with me on this you’ll need to stop hurrying. A masterpiece takes time. If you rush it you’ll screw it up. Just like Hero was made one tiny pixel at a time so your story unfolds moment by moment. […]

  • Plurality in Discernment

    Over the past few months I’ve processed some significant life changing stuff. Before I said, “1-2-3 Jump” to joining The Youth Cartel,¬†I forced myself into a discernment process. I knew the Spirit of God was telling me to move. But, in truth, what I was hearing was more clues than it was clear direction. I […]

  • 5 Spiritual Lessons Learned from Gardening

    We are new gardeners. Our insane 2010 goal of either growing or buying 25% of our families food from a local farmers market has pushed us into a crash course in agriculture. In March and April we planted our second season of vegetables as well as double the amount of property dedicated to veggies. It’s […]