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  • The Power of Christ

    Tonight my talk at Light Force is going be pretty dark. We’ve come to the point in our study of Luke that we’ve reached Luke 8:26-39 where Jesus heals a demonically possessed person. Scary stuff if you ask me. A couple of points I’m really facinated by in studying this bit of Jesus’ story. [The […]

  • Very cool COP&P news

    I spotted this on a Florida youth pastors blog. [Go here] I thought it was worth passing along. Last night we had our first Pizza Worship and Prayer night.  It was an idea I stole from a blog I read by Adam Mclane.  It was great.  We started off with kids just hanging out and […]

  • Light Force Christmas Party Success

    Last night was the annual Christmas party for Light Force.  It was the first time we’d had a full on youth group event at our new house and it went really, really well. I wasn’t actually sure if our house could hold everyone and was secretly hoping that we’d only have 15-20 people! But alas, […]

  • light force love and bye bye nicole

    This was our first and last Light Force for December. Just the way it worked out with the schedule. I hope it’s a precursor to 2006… because tonight rocked. We just had a good feel from everyone. Now it wasn’t a night of uber-warm-fuzzies or anything like that, but all in all LF is just […]

  • the new Romeo

    This is a rendering of what Romeo will look like after Phase 1.

  • turning over a new leaf for LF?

    Last night was our regular monthy concert of prayer and pizza night. I have grown very fond of this "crazy idea" that we launched in 2004. The really incredible part about what is happening this year is that we’ve been asking students to just come and share their stories. These stories of intruige, salvation, and […]

  • first flakes

    Today we saw the first snowflakes of the season. No accumulation, but snowflakes nonetheless. Sick and wrong. But it has also been very cold. With yesterdays rain… more than 2 inches… and today’s freezing temps…. it has instantly turned into near winter. We may see some accumulation tonight, but I doubt it. Further north there […]

  • fall clean-up action… before and after


  • another rockin’ Light Force

    Here are a few reasons I thought tonight was a particularly good Light Force. We’ve got a mojo right now. While we are not, and never will be, "the coolest hippest thing in town" we do have a good feel. Environmentally, I think it’s a good mix of chaos/control and inquisitive/talkative. Solid, simple games. We’ve […]

  • helping hands

    I spent my afternoon today raking leaves with some of the younger students. This was pretty cool since I rarely get to spend any time with the 7-10th graders all alone. But since I spent all last weekend with only 11-12th graders… this was a nice pay back. Later on, I’ll be shopping at the […]