Fearing the right things

Contrary to popular belief– I do have fears. Every day I ride my bike to work, I’m fearful of getting hit by a car. When I’m out bodyboarding, I’m fearful of getting killed by a shark. When my kids are late coming out of school, I’m fearful that something happened to them. I have the…… Continue reading Fearing the right things

4 Things to Do With a Legit Opportunity

Let’s face it, success is about being opportunistic. Here’s my simple outlook on opportunities. I’m thankful that I’ve made more right steps than wrong ones so far. But having the right outlook on the various ideas I’m presented with makes a huge difference. Pause to ask questions, hard ones. If you don’t ask how something…… Continue reading 4 Things to Do With a Legit Opportunity

You’ve got to finish

My little football heart got broken last night. First, San Diego State gave up a touchdown with 50 seconds left to giveaway a victory to #25 Missouri. That would have been their best start in 30+ years. Then, a few hours later, Notre Dame gave up a silly trick play for a touchdown to lose…… Continue reading You’ve got to finish

Innovating with an established ecosystem

Starting a new organization is an entirely different task than innovating to change an existing organization. Both are hard. But changing and existing organization is way harder. For most of my career I’ve been in turnaround roles. Kristen and I have a little joke… My entire adult work life has seemed like one roller coaster…… Continue reading Innovating with an established ecosystem