Category: Romeo News

  • God of This City

    Here’s the video I sent out with our weekly email update. Seriously, if you aren’t a part of a local church and you are looking to connect somewhere… this Sunday is a great place to jump on board.

  • Heat Wave!

    It’s currently 43.3 degrees and rising at our house. According to the weather forecasts it’s going to stay this warm all day, with rain coming after lunch. It will be nice to see the roof and maybe some of the landscaping in the back yard. Let’s hope this warm up is the beginning of winter […]

  • PodDrop on NBC 4 in Detroit

    Romeo member Bob Carter and his ipod repair business, The Pod Drop, are appearing on NBC 4 tonight. Very cool stuff. I think he’ll be on in the morning as well. Update: I just watched the segment on the 11:00 PM news, awesome job. The hidden camera investigation “caught” Bob’s people fixing an ipod perfectly […]

  • A true Michigan winter

    Let’s just say the picture is an exaggeration. But we’ve had a very good Al Gore inspired winter in Michigan. It started in November and it has stayed until now. Non-stop cold, lots of snow, few warm weather breaks, and a lot of storms. I love winter. I love snow. I really like driving around […]

  • Videos, blue keys, and more…

    My basement is a fan of Blue Man Group right now. Hanging from the rafters are tons of chunks of metal with a fresh coat of blue enamel on them… drip drying. I spent about half of my week making a video for Sunday’s service. We called in some favors this week to get some […]

  • .7 and falling on the frozen tundra of Romeo

    That’s the headline. At least in my house. I think the furnace will run all night long. It’s butt cold. It’s frozen nose hair cold. It’s punch your mama cold. It’s so cold the dog won’t go out to pee. Brrr.

  • Snow day

    No complaints today, we got dumped on last night. At our house we got about 10 inches or so. It was a weird snow too as it slushed all afternoon yesterday and then as it got colder the snow got more and more fluffy. Kristen loves to shovel, so she jumped out there early this […]

  • CSR: The Crazy Loon Cafe & Pie Company

    With Pepper’s, the Doghouse, and Sempre` now out of business, I am looking for a new spot for my lunch rotation. This gives me the chance to revisit some old favorites that just didn’t make my rotation before. Location: 66850 VanDyke Washington Township This is one of those diamonds in the rough kind of things. […]

  • Good news for Romeo

    The mood in town, economically, is horrid. Everyone makes it seem like we are in the great depression or something. Here’s a little reminder to the people of Romeo that things are still quite good. The Ford F-150, whose engine is made right here in town, is still the #1 selling vehicle in America. Story […]