Heat Wave!

It’s currently 43.3 degrees and rising at our house. According to the weather forecasts it’s going to stay this warm all day, with rain coming after lunch.

It will be nice to see the roof and maybe some of the landscaping in the back yard. Let’s hope this warm up is the beginning of winter breaking here. I think we have had continuous snow on the ground since November. It’s time for a thaw.  





7 responses to “Heat Wave!”

  1. Kim Avatar

    It IS time for a thaw, however, the weatherman is calling for snow, snow, snow for the next week. 🙁 Let us enjoy our day of “warmth” in hopes that it will return with haste!

  2. chris Avatar

    it was 80 in western nebraska saturday. then cold, snowy and 40 on sunday.

  3. adam mclane Avatar

    80! Holy cow we wouldn’t know what to do. It is now in the 40s but raining.

  4. Sally B Avatar
    Sally B

    So sorry Adam, accuweather predicting “plowable” snow Tues into Wed a.m.:(

  5. Barb Avatar

    Bill, Autumn, the babies and I went for a walk on this beautiful sunny day. Tomorrow we might have to use a sled for the babies instead of the stroller. I enjoyed it even if it only lasts a day.

  6. adam mclane Avatar

    I’m with you Barb. A day is better than nothing.

  7. Kim Avatar

    If it went up to 80 degrees here we would have major flooding. Even with that result being the inevitable, I think I’d take it!

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