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  • Ashley Judd – Children are not for sex

    Powerful stuff. I hope change is underway in Georgia. GenerateHope is an organization which helps reach out to women who have been sexually trafficked into San Diego County. As Ms. Judd points out, its more common that you’d like to think.

  • Stupid Forms of Activism

    I don’t care what color your bra is. And I really don’t care who your favorite cartoon character was as a kid. Nor do I care about a twibbon. And yet these meme‘s make their way through social media sites over and over again as if they made a lick of difference. “You just have […]

  • Affluence, Influence, and Activism

    The byline of this site is: Crazy enough to change the world. On Twitter I alter this slightly, my bio line says, “The sane need not apply for the position of world changer.” Both of those boil down to a basic question in my life. How do I maximize whatever leverage I can acquire to […]

  • Club Pengiun Gives Away $1 million

    I found this really cool. If your kids are like mine, they are hooked on Club Penguin. Now they are asking kids to help them pick out ways to give away $1 million. Check out this post on their blog. (Megan’s 4th favorite blog!) Donation booths are set up at the Beach, in the Plaza, […]