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  • How to minister to god-fearers in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, pluralistic society

    We all know the church in America is in trouble… More than 50% of Americans, if given a box to check, would label themselves as Christian while less than 10% affiliate with an actual church. While the dominant suburban white church ignores this reality, we are becoming a multi-ethnic nation. (again) While the church is […]

  • Fire is Free

    I was listening to a message by Rob Bell a few years ago and someone posed the question to him, “Why do people drive for hours to be a part of Mars Hill.” His answer was profound and simple: “People will drive from miles around to see what’s on fire.” Very true, isn’t it? When […]

  • Giving and Receiving at Church

    Confession: There are times when I am frustrated with my church. To the point of not wanting to go. To the point of wanting to give up on organized church. To the point where I think the action of attending church may actually be hindering my ability to live out the Gospel in my life. […]

  • The Goal of the Staffless Church

    Which came first? The staff who ran the programs or the programs which required the hiring of staff? No offense to my friends who work at churches– but I wonder if their goal is to secure a job for life or to work themselves out of a job as quickly as possible? When I read […]

  • The Peak of the Christian Life

    Question One: What is the chief end of man? Answer One: Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. – Westminster Shorter Catechism If you were to ask most preachers the question, “Practically speaking, what does the peak of the Christian life look like?” most of them would give an answer […]

  • Teaching Acts

    Right now I am teaching the book of Acts for a class at Romeo Bible Institute. It is both fun and challenging. It’s fun because Acts is one of the most action packed, exciting narratives in the world as a band of eleven takes hold of a challenge from the Risen Jesus and (under the […]