Tilt Your Perspective to See Things Differently

Tilt your perspective to see things differently. 

Pakistan to Siberia in a straight line without touching land. I had to watch that video 3 times to get how it’s possible.

Left on its normal axis you’d never see it. But tilt the globe a little and you start to see things you never saw before.

Axiom: Step away from your challenges long enough to gain a fresh perspective.

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2 Truths and a Lie

Two truths
  1. Bigger isn’t better.
  2. Wider doesn’t make things deeper.

A lie

Bigger is shallow, deeper makes things smaller, our way is best.


There are good systems used for evil and evil systems used for good.

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To Eat More, Guess Less

Kristen and I are completing our first year of transforming our backyard into an organic garden. The first year has been full of fun harvests and humiliating defeats.

If we’ve learned anything about gardening in the first year it is this principle: To eat more, you need to guess less.

  • We’ve learned that when we planted things is as important as what we want.
  • We’ve learned how to adapt our watering to the weather as opposed to just setting a timer.
  • We’ve learned how a baby weed is just as dangerous as a major one.
  • We’ve learned that is something gets bigger than you wanted, prune it right away or it’ll take over the garden.
  • We’ve learned that if we want to keep our harvest coming, we need to be patient in spreading out when we plant so it doesn’t all come at once.
  • We’ve learned that planting something in the wrong season really doesn’t work.
  • We’ve learned that your yield is directly proportional to the quality of soil where you plant at.

We didn’t know anything walking into this. So we guessed a lot. And we let our emotions get the best of us a few times.

But heading into the second year, we’ve learned a lot and documented what we did, we hope to eat a little bit more with less mistakes in 2011.

Isn’t this the same as with any other endeavor? You might guess and get something right by accident. But experience always yields a better result.


Two quick axioms about money

Photo by Alan Cleaver via Flickr (Creative Commons)

  1. If the average American spends 3-5% more than they make in a month– making more money is not the solution to financial woes. If you made $1 million and spent $1.05 million a year, you’d be the same fool with money you are today.
  2. If the financial institutions of our country were as diligent about collecting information from customers as the average retail clerk, we wouldn’t have had as many bad loans in the housing market.Do you want to open a credit card and save 5%? Would you like to make a donation? Would you like to buy the extra insurance?

Got any observations about money lately? Share them in the comments.