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  • Baptism Video

    I love the joy on folks faces as they come out of the water! What’s not to celebrate about such a big step of faith? One of the cool parts about being close to the ocean is that churches don’t need a baptismal. You can just tell everyone to meet you at the beach.¬† Speaking […]

  • Is this a safe place?

    About 10 months ago a group of people sat on Chris’ back porch talking about starting a youth ministry for our church, Harbor Mid-City. As we chatted, dreamt, and prayed about this ministry one of the things that came out was… “We want it to be a safe place for students to explore a relationship […]

  • 5 Things I Love about my Church

    This Easter marks roughly two years since I turned in my Pastor Adam card and went from church staff to church attendee. (I was officially done June 1st, but it was during Easter week ¬†that the offer to come to YS came, which completely changed everything.) In so many ways I’ve re-learned what it means […]

  • Sunday’s Comin’

    Anyone who was at the service last night will remember this video. (Totally digging the subwoofer on this one) I blushed when a couple of people assumed that I made the video… I wish! Here it is. By the way, if you are somehow on the bubble about the service tommorow… it’s going to be […]