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  • How I read the Bible

    It took me a long time to figure out a Bible reading methodology that fit me. I’ve failed at a lot of them. A chapter a day keeps Adam’s Bible away Read it in a year means Adam won’t read it for a year Study it topical means Adam treats it like a tropical disease […]

  • Keep it simple

    Discipleship – One of the most straight-forward concepts in Christianity. Instead of keeping it simple we turn it into a complicated mess. How hard is it? A person comes to you and wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Cool, tell them to find a Bible, read the book of John, and lets meet […]

  • The Bible, Made Personal

    Perhaps my greatest period of rapid growth in my relationship with Jesus came when I was just 17 years old. Each day I worked verse by verse through the pastoral epistles. I journaled questions like, “What is Paul saying?” “Who was this written to?” and “What is God saying to me through Paul?” One habit […]