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  • Two Years of The Joy Machine

    Jackson Turns Two Today Here’s 10 things about our toddler that I wish I could bottle up and save forever.

  • We laughed when you were born

    In the book of Genesis there are a lot of footnotes about people’s names. Some names refer to a character attribute while others refer to a physical attribute. If we were to name Paul by such an attribute, one name might be: We laughed when you were born. 9 years ago today, Kristen checked into […]

  • 5 Birthday Quotes That Made Me Giggle

    Today, I officially got my “Middle-Aged Man Card” in the mail. I knew I was getting close to middle-age when conversations shifted amongst my friends from ambition, early married life, and comparing/contrasting theological themes in movies to longevity in ministry, vasectomies, and how much the movie rating system has changed since we were in high […]

  • 3 Ways to Celebrate My Birthday

    So, today I ┬áturn 34. Dang I am old. Here’s how long I’m going to lament about getting older. (One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi.) That’s enough self-pity. I feel better now. Now back to being bossy. I’m not much of a birthday guy. I like other people’s birthdays. I love my children’s birthdays. But […]

  • 9 Things I Love About Megan

    Today Megan, my oldest child, turns nine. To celebrate I thought it would be appropriate to share nine things that are awesome about Megan. She is beautiful but not in a girly, make-up, gotta have the best of everything kind of way. She has a crazy fun friendship with her cat, Lovely Gorgeous. She is […]

  • Happy Birthday to Me

    That’s right. 33 years baby. 32 was so nice I am reluctant to give it up. But alas the planet went all the way around the sun… and since it worked so hard to do that I’ll leave 32 behind and just plan on making 33 feel better by accepting its label for the next […]

  • Megan Turns 8

    Eight years. Two thousand nine hundred and twenty-two days. Seventy thousand one hundred and twenty eight minutes. Four million two hundred and seven thousand six hundred and eighty seconds. Our daughter turns eight today. Unlike last year, there were no tears as she welcomed eight into her life. She has been counting down the days […]

  • 4 Gift Ideas for Big Sister

    My five year old son is a pretty funny little guy. Somehow I don’t think he gets that birthday presents are about the recipient more than the giver. This morning, we were asking Paul for some gift ideas for his big sister. Here were a few ideas: #1 A goat. #2 A donut with a […]

  • Happy Birthday Paul

    Despite Paul’s preference to believe that he was never a baby, today is his 5th birthday. On August 8th, 2003 Kristen and I drove to Mount Clemens General for Paul’s scheduled birth. Since his sister was a big baby our doctor felt no need to make Kristen wait the typical 2 weeks after the due […]

  • Happy Birthday Megan

    It’s hard to believe but my oldest child turns 7 today. Six was a good year to her. She has finished most of first grade. She is learning like crazy. She just got baptized. She has a lot of friends. She is in love with Webkinz. Megan loves animals, especially her cat Lovely. While Lovely […]