From RSS to Today

Is RSS dying? Quick answer: No But RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has a lot more to compete with in 2010 than it did in 2005 when it took off. In 2005, the advent of aggregators like Bloglines, Google reader, and even the über popularity of made RSS the best way to grow your reach…… Continue reading From RSS to Today

Beat up by my elderly neighbor

This story rocks. It’s living proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Apparently, this 24 year old man thought he could intimidate his elderly neighbor. Instead he got the beating of his life. Gregory McCalium, 24, was left with severe facial wounds after the knife-wielding thug attempted to rob his elderly neighbor…… Continue reading Beat up by my elderly neighbor

“A-Bomb” at FSU

This story cracked me up. A 17 year old visiting the campus of Florida State University accidentally shut down parts of the campus as a briefcase left on or near his car was mistaken for an explosive device. The area was cordoned off, buildings evacuated, a command post set up, local fire departments and bomb…… Continue reading “A-Bomb” at FSU

Great quote

No need for my commentary here, it speaks for itself. Put your coffee down before reading this sentence. CNN apologized today for getting on-air analysis of Gov. Spitzer’s legal options from a former U.S. Attorney who resigned after being accused of biting a stripper. HT to Boing Boing