Beat up by my elderly neighbor

This story rocks. It’s living proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Apparently, this 24 year old man thought he could intimidate his elderly neighbor. Instead he got the beating of his life.

05_Flatbed_1 - JUNEGregory McCalium, 24, was left with severe facial wounds after the knife-wielding thug attempted to rob his elderly neighbor in tBotley near Oxford, England, Britain‘s SkyNews reported. The would-be burglar broke into the home of Frank Corti last Aug. 19 – without realizing the 72-year-old was a retired boxer.

A mug shot released by the Thames Valley Police reveals the results after Corti disarmed his attacker, let loose with two punches to the face and restrained McCalium until the police arrived on the scene.

On Tuesday, McCalium was sentenced to a 4 1/2-year sentence for the crime. link

Please tell me this will be made into a movie? Rocky 10?

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  1. Len Avatar

    I ever tell you the story of my cousin who started a bar fight with a retired SEAL?

    The old guy got up from being hit, spit a tooth out and said, “Oh, you wanna play!” and they went at it for about 5 minutes and both went to the emergency room.

    My cousin was a tough hombre and held his own but stopped starting fights after that one. 🙂

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