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Lamborghini + Tree = LamboChristmasTreenini


What do you mean I’m fired? I thought you said, “Put my lamborghini under a Christmas tree?” [face + palm]

What’s your caption? 

ht to Dirk up in Eagle Rock for the picture… it was windy up in LA last night.

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Guilty Dog

ht to Adam Walker Cleaveland


Like Father, Like Daughter

Kristen found this in Megan’s room the other day. Megan loves to draw and create things. Her origami creations are worthy of an Etsy shop.

When we turned over the last page and saw her marketing twist about going to… we just roared with laughter. She truly is her father’s child.

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Double Dream Hands Soulja Boy

ht to Amy G.

Church Leadership

That’s Local Funny

This is one of those things that is funny and not funny at the same time, isn’t it? I’ll admit I find it hilarious for all of the wrong reasons. Look at your neighbor and say, “F you.

What’s the lesson here?

  • Some things are funny on paper, will work live, but probably aren’t appropriate.
  • You really need someone to look over your notes before you preach/teach/speak in public. A true friend would have gently said, “You know what? This is really funny. And it makes a great point. But no. Don’t do that.
  • Sometimes your creativity has unintended consequences. Like you congregation walking around at work the next day going, “F all of you!

HT to Britt

San Diego Living

You know you’re becoming presbyterian…

… when you recognize the dive bar in the background image of a slide during the worship service and snicker with your friends at the newfound irony to the words.

Certainly, the Tower Bar is a visual landmark in City Heights. It’s essentially a historic place in the city of San Diego. But it’s also a central meeting spot for folks in our church. We meet there to walk around the corner to Bravo’s Taco Shop. (Best burrito in City Heights) Or maybe to plan a small group outing. Or even to debrief a rough night at youth group.

And the joke is always that if someone has too much to drink they can get a tattoo in the upstair tattoo parlor aptly named, Tower Tattoo Parlor.

The connection between the words from the song and slide being a favorite place we meet was delicious.

I have a feeling that will become the official proper response for a meeting at the Tower from now on.

Where You go, I’ll go
Where you stay, I’ll stay
Where you move, I’ll move
I will follow You

Church Leadership

Pastor’s Freudian Slip Fail

epic fail photos - Pastor Ego Fail

Ouch. A little too close to home for a Sunday, eh?

hmm... thoughts illustrations

Asking Nerds Fun Questions

Makes me wonder about how we make complex things about theology or life in the church interesting to non-theologians and non-churchgoers.

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Some nerds are dangerous

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Going for a Unicorn Ride

Say no to drugs, kids.