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  • I live in SoCal, not Cali

    People are generally excited to come to Southern California. It’s a very cool place for our family to get to live! It is somewhere we never aspired to live but are completely enjoying. But I have to admit that I cringe a little when I see folks I follow on Twitter or friends on Facebook […]

  • Why would giving more offerings to the poor change the community?

    Yesterday, I received this comment on the post The Goal of the Staffless Church. I think that the comment is representative of a lot of people’s opinions, and I wanted to report the comment as well my response for the purpose of discussion. Pete’s comment: I get what you’re saying and where you’re coming from, […]

  • 5 Socially Conscious Christmas Gift Ideas

    The retail world is made or broken based on what happens the 6 weeks surrounding Christmas. The entire world may not bow at the throne of Jesus, but a made-up celebration of his birthday is the biggest fiscal holiday on the planet. Jesus declares his glory even through the mundane giving and receiving of presents […]

  • Open System Health Care

    I don’t know about you, but I’m growing a little tired of the lack of progress and new ideas coming forth for health care reform. I wonder if instead of making private citizens scream at their elected officials we could get those causing the problem to scream, instead? Here’s how. Instead of reforming health insurance […]