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  • The high cost of tomatoes

    Source: Science Friday – August 26th 2011 I love tomatoes. They are a seasonal treat I grow in my garden. At the peak of the growing season we were getting 50+ per week from our garden. Key word: Seasonal. Americans have no concept of seasonal food. We want what we want 12 months per year […]

  • The Resurrection of the Cottage Industry

    Is this the best time ever to start a small business? It sure seems like it! Countless brilliant minds, long cooped up in boring corporate jobs, are on unemployment and unable to find new corporate jobs. The internet has made the world pretty flat. You have a good product? You can move it online for […]

  • Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, But

    I’m always amazed how little leading most leaders actually do. If a leader takes someone where they would otherwise not go on their own— the fact is that most people we label as leaders are just people who talk about leading. On a good day they are administrators. On an average day, they are do-nothings […]

  • Reigning in Christmas

    This was the 3rd year where Kristen and I really controlled Christmas instead of Christmas controlling us. We’ve always had a desire to keep Christmas in it’s rightful place. It seems like it is finally sinking in and becoming a habit. The good news is that anyone can control Christmas! Practically, we are celebrating another […]