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  • God of This City

    Here’s the video I sent out with our weekly email update. Seriously, if you aren’t a part of a local church and you are looking to connect somewhere… this Sunday is a great place to jump on board.

  • Saturday Tunes

    It’s not a monster day, but it’s about all I can handle. (Still recovering from whatever has me in its grips.) So as I get ready for my day, eat pancakes with the kids, and otherwise enjoy this Saturday morning here are the next 10 songs from my iTunes party shuffle. As always, no cheating…

  • Saturday Tunes

    Saturday in December. Want to guess what that sound is today coming from the malls of America? That sucking sound is the sound of people opening their wallets and buying Christmas presents. While we are off to the mall and Kohl’s, here are the the next 10 tunes that will be playing in the McLane-mobile.…