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  • Inhibitions to the spread of the Gospel in your community

    The church is decreasing in America while our population continues to expand. One major factor contributing to this decline is how Christians think about themselves and their community of faith in the greater community in which they interact. This “self-talk” internally acts as a mental inhibition towards the innovation and creativity we need to reach […]

  • Moving towards the polite middle

    As I think about the church and the 5%-10% of people we reach in the community I wonder where we fall on the bell curve. Something tells me that it looks a little like this. I wonder if the positions we take attracts, appeals to, and connects a certain type of people? And I wonder […]

  • Pastor as Vocation

    Confession: I do as much or more pastoral ministry now than I did when I worked in a church. That is no knock on my friends in full-time vocational ministry. It is more an affirmation for the myriad of people I know who have stepped out (or been pushed out) of their ministry job. Leaving […]

  • 5 Excuses For a Lack of Church Growth

    Here are things that I hear people use as growth limiters when they talk about the vision and day-to-day action of reaching a community with the Gospel. Budgets – I would do x, y, or z if I had more. More often people talk about too much money in the church being allocated for one […]

  • What does the Easter Mayhem teach us?

    Several weeks have now passed since Easter. My hope is that by now, church leaders are scratching their heads and wondering if it was all worth it. Easter mayhem? A lot, LOT, of churches consider Easter to be a day for growth. For church marketing types, it is Super Bowl Sunday. With the highest attendance […]

  • The Goal of the Staffless Church

    Which came first? The staff who ran the programs or the programs which required the hiring of staff? No offense to my friends who work at churches– but I wonder if their goal is to secure a job for life or to work themselves out of a job as quickly as possible? When I read […]

  • 3 Lies of Church Growth Experts

    Right now there are a lot of people making a lot of money telling churches how they can grow. Along the same lines, there are a lot of church boards and pastors wasting a lot of time discussing church growth strategy. An observation. Have you noticed that churches that want to grow (100 to 1000 […]