What does restoration look like?

My heart breaks for those hurt by the church. Specifically, for people called to full-time ministry, but gravely injured by the people they were called to serve. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t interact with a youth pastor or former youth pastor who was deeply wounded by their church. The church treated them…… Continue reading What does restoration look like?

5 Ways to Encourage Your Church Staff

One thing I learned when I was on church staff– rarely does a person really want what they are presenting what they want. In other words, when a parent wants to come in and talk with you about some ideas for the summer youth group schedule, that’s only the presenting issue. I know that with…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Encourage Your Church Staff

Churches don’t reach people…

Churches don’t reach people… People do. Maybe that’s a statement of the obvious for you. But if you read enough church blogs or look at enough books or listen to a bunch of pep talks you may begin to believe the lie that churches, their leaders, and their programs reach a lot of people. They…… Continue reading Churches don’t reach people…

Realistic Expectations for Church Staff

Most of my adult life I have been on church staff. But the last 13 months I have not worked at a church and it has provided me with a wealth of insights into what I thought people expected out of me versus what I expected out of myself. I think people working at churches…… Continue reading Realistic Expectations for Church Staff