VOTE: Cobra Pit Cleaner Ad Contest: Submit a Craigslist-styled ad for the video above. (Entries closed, see entries here) VOTE! Read the three entries below and cast your vote. Winner announced Wednesday morning. Finalists A: Middle-Management Position – Submitted by Kevin A. Middle-management position has recently become available to oversee a quiver of ground-floor executives hungry for leadership. The…… Continue reading VOTE: Cobra Pit Cleaner Ad

Keeping it classy

I’ve shared before my love for all things Craigslist. Check out this ad featured on Best of Craigslist, I know no better description than… amazing. girl who dumped me over the phone at 1:30am – m4w Date: 2009-01-18, 1:57AM PST You called me at 1:30 AM to tell me over and over that you don’t…… Continue reading Keeping it classy

Found on Craiglist

Here are five real life posts on Craigslist to brighten your day. #1 Found cat– black with white stripes #2 Free Coffin #3 You were being shoved into a Dallas Police car- m4w #4 Trade your vespa for my loud parrot #5 I will trade my sombrero for your kayak