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  • The role of father’s in adolescent sexual education

    Existing research preliminarily suggests fathers influence the sexual behavior of their adolescent children; however, more rigorous research examining diverse facets of paternal influence on adolescent sexual behavior is needed. We provide recommendations for primary care providers and public health practitioners to better incorporate fathers into interventions designed to reduce adolescent sexual risk behavior. Link “Our […]

  • Daddy Days

    This weekend, Kristen is off to Chicago with Erin for a girls getaway. Since I’m traveling a little over 1/5th of 2010, she certainly earned some time to herself. Kristen’s definition of a girls weekend is Thursday afternoon to midnight on Monday. I like her style. As we compared notes leading up to this trip […]

  • Travels With Stoney: Day Three

    Today is the last day of “big driving” as we have about 500 miles to get to Las Vegas. We’ll stay the night with my mom and then be off to San Diego early Thursday morning.