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  • Republicans Make Strange Bedfellows

    Last night I caught a moment of a news story that made me chuckle. Meghan McCain [stinkingly close to my daughters name, by the way!] was the keynote speaker at an event designed to push Republicans to reconsider their position on gay marriage. John McCain’s former campaign boss, Steve Schmidt, took it a step further […]

  • But can you agree?

    I watched a good chunk of both the DNC and RNC. I listened to the rhetoric of Democrats saying that Republicans are stupid and visa versa. I was especially annoyed during the RNC to hear a line-up of failed presidential candidates call Barack Obama stupid, young, and naive. And it left me with a single, […]

  • Political Promises

    The last weekend prior to the Indiana and North Carolina primaries have been particularly ridiculous. It seems that the new strategy of both the Clinton and Obama campaign has been to out-promise one another. It reminds me of 5th grade as people ran for student council. “If elected, I will give new uniforms to the […]