But can you agree?

Democrat and Republicans battleI watched a good chunk of both the DNC and RNC. I listened to the rhetoric of Democrats saying that Republicans are stupid and visa versa. I was especially annoyed during the RNC to hear a line-up of failed presidential candidates call Barack Obama stupid, young, and naive.

And it left me with a single, two-fold question: Which candidate will be able to work to build bridges? Which candidate can unite a divided nation?

That person is prepared to lead our country. Leading one party further to the left or the right isn’t interesting to me.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


  1. i hear obama worked as a community event organiser (i think thats right)……

    How’s that a put down.. I’m sorry but thats kinda how you win votes

  2. dave- until this week I thought serving your community was a good thing. but apparently it’s not important to help people get jobs and things like that.

  3. In terms of building bridges / uniting a divided nation, I think BOTH Obama & McCain have impressive track records of working with both parties. However, after hearing Gov. Palin’s devisive speech, I’m becoming a little more skeptical of how sincerely the Republicans want unity. It will be an interesting 2 months!

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