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  • The Leadership Vacuum

    The Leadership Vacuum

    We are in the midst of the weirdest and most leaderless season of public life in modern U.S. history. And I’m left wondering: “Where are our leaders?”

  • Hobby Lobby, The Music Man, We Got Trouble

    Hobby Lobby, The Music Man, We Got Trouble

    Like everyone else I was shocked by the news that Hobby Lobby, a privately owned company whose owners successfully challenged the Affordable Care Act mandate that their health insurance cover birth control on grounds that they are a closely held owned company driven by Christian morality, got caught smuggling Iraqi antiquities into the United States.

  • 3 Mini-Rants for a Wednesday

    Sometimes we just need a rant. Adam kicks off this Wednesday with something he’s calling, “3 Mini-Rants.” Topics include: Pre-Black Friday Shopping, Who pays taxes, and the definition of church leadership. Ready to mix it up? Join the fun!

  • So here’s the deal

    In the dog days of summer, Washington D.C. is in the hottest place on earth. This morning the Supreme Court issued their ruling upholding the major points of the Affordable Healthcare Act. (read the ruling, keep up with the New York Times live blog if your heart can handle it.) By the end of the…

  • The $6 Billion Election

    It’s 2004 all over again. In 2004, a ho hum group of democrats did their best to make the primaries interesting. John Edwards had the million dollar smile. Howard Dean looked like a contender. And John Kerry sat in the wings. The democrats knew they had little chance of beating Bush. His popularity was reaching…

  • The weird side of Christians and politics

    Preamble: Understand in reading this post that I’m a swing voter and my #1 criteria for voting is, “Can this person lead in the role they are running for?” Side issues mean almost nothing to me in light of that one framing question. I cringe when I hear evangelical Christians being grouped together as a…

  • Can political conservatives re-emerge?

    I spent some time this week reading political news and listening to political news from the conservative perspective. (Not much else to do when living in a hospital room other than catch up on news!) While many of my views could be characterized as conservative, I struggle because the language of conservative politics is almost…

  • L’agenda

    The longer I walk with Jesus the more complicated my life seems to get. Kids, ministry, job, dreams, bills, skills, personality flaws, responsibilities… the list is endless. Life is complicated. Scary. Confusing. Worrysome. At the same time, the longer I live the more simple the application of God’s Word gets. When things seem really complex…

  • Jimmy McMillan for Governor

    First, the clips from the New York debate. Then, the song from his website. Again, he’s for real. Then, this brilliant remix. I don’t know. He’s got a point. I hope he gets some votes. p.s. Sorry about the curse word. But the rent is just too high.

  • When adults tell the truth

    I’m glad I took the time this morning to watch this video. A couple of my friends shared it, and I didn’t know what it’d be about, but I want to encourage readers of my blog to make the 12 minutes to hear Joel Burns story. Bullying really is a big deal in the lives…