Can political conservatives re-emerge?

I spent some time this week reading political news and listening to political news from the conservative perspective. (Not much else to do when living in a hospital room other than catch up on news!) While many of my views could be characterized as conservative, I struggle because the language of conservative politics is almost…… Continue reading Can political conservatives re-emerge?

Republicans Make Strange Bedfellows

Last night I caught a moment of a news story that made me chuckle. Meghan McCain [stinkingly close to my daughters name, by the way!] was the keynote speaker at an event designed to push Republicans to reconsider their position on gay marriage. John McCain’s former campaign boss, Steve Schmidt, took it a step further…… Continue reading Republicans Make Strange Bedfellows

Political Promises

The last weekend prior to the Indiana and North Carolina primaries have been particularly ridiculous. It seems that the new strategy of both the Clinton and Obama campaign has been to out-promise one another. It reminds me of 5th grade as people ran for student council. “If elected, I will give new uniforms to the…… Continue reading Political Promises

A president who changes his mind?

Like a lot of people, my attention has been captured by some political debates, ads, and of course the press coverage. I think a 2004 tactic is destined to fall. In2004, Bush basically won his election by convincing America that Kerry was a “flip flopper.” If you listen you’ll hear most of the candidates calling…… Continue reading A president who changes his mind?