A president who changes his mind?

Flip FlopLike a lot of people, my attention has been captured by some political debates, ads, and of course the press coverage.

I think a 2004 tactic is destined to fall. In2004, Bush basically won his election by convincing America that Kerry was a “flip flopper.”

If you listen you’ll hear most of the candidates calling their competitors flip floppers on issues. I think this tactic falls flat.

In an age where news is so emergent, where technology develops so fast, and where so much more is known today than was known yesterday… I want a president who changes their mind. I want a president who doesn’t “pre-decide” on every single issue and go on their voting record into the future, but can be convinced by the evidence presented. I want a president who responds to the present situation. I want a president who cuts the baby in half to come up with the best solution. I want a president who has the best interest of the nation in mind and not the best interest of himself or his party.

All this to reiterate: The winner of the 2008 election will be the candidate who captivates the American people’s attention with ideas, uses the internet the best, and can prove that they can/will lead the American people.

Flip-flopper? So 2004. 


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