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  • The Unemployable Problem

    Big news out of Washington D.C. recently. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest mark since February 2009, 8.5%. That’s good news if your a president in an election year. But others would be quick to point out that 8.5% unemployment is still too high. Yet, I have to wonder. What percentage of Americans are…

  • Mike Rowe on Work Ethics

    I’ll admit to never giving the Dirty Jobs star a shot at being actually ├╝ber intelligent. But this talk blew me away. I love a good old-fashion contrarian. Buck the system Mike, buck it. ht to Abby & Joel

  • Unique jobs, part 1

    Since Mike Rowe has the market cornered on Dirty Jobs, I thought I would highlight an extremely interesting job that Chris Britt does for Springfield, Illinois’ State-Journal Register. What are some unique jobs you’d like to see highlighted?