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  • Lie to me, baby

    Maybe we are just a little too authentic in youth group? Last night, our high school ministry night met. We were down a couple of adults and up a few students. Actually, the night felt right at that balance between “out-of-control” and “in control” that is some of the secret sauce of youth ministry. As […]

  • Americans Love to Hate Winners

    We have a fascination with the little guy. Foundational to American storytelling is the little guy overcoming adversity to make it big. Americans love happy endings. The movie credits roll when Rocky raises his fists to the sky. Or when the young lawyer wins the big case against the mean corporation. Or when the nerdy […]

  • Thoughts on Disney on Ice Princess Classics

    Last night, our family went to go see the Disney on Ice show. It was great family fun. I remember when I was a kid wanting to go, the kid across the street always getting to go, but being disappointed that I never got to go. So I was a little surprised when Paul said […]

  • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Images

    I know a lot of people are excited about the May 16th release of Prince Caspian. As the pre-release buzz begins Grace Media, the PR firm that is trying to get church leaders excited about Prince Caspian. They recently hooked me up with this link to some early images. There is some good stuff there. […]