Stoney swims!

We adopted Stoney, a yellow lab, three and a half years ago. As I have well documented he is part of our family. Yet Stoney had one weird flaw. (beyond his love of humping middle school girls legs.) He hates the water. Most lab owners can’t keep their dogs out of the water and I…… Continue reading Stoney swims!

Pet Resue Works

This is Stoney. In my mind he is the poster dog for adopting from a rescue shelter. Stoney joined our family in October 2005, just a month after we bought our house in Romeo. We had a half acre of grass that was fully fenced and it was screaming for a dog to patrol it.…… Continue reading Pet Resue Works

Stoney’s Diet

If I’ve done the math correctly, Stoney needs to lose about 10 pounds before we move to San Deigo.  If his crate and Stoney weigh less than 70 pounds, he costs about $350 to ship. If he is 71 pounds or more, he’s $480.  Of course, we are taking him either way, but $130 is…… Continue reading Stoney’s Diet