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  • The Three I’s of Working with Teenagers

    New CDC numbers show a continued decline in the teenage birth rate. While that’s good, we also need to be aware of the increasing vilification of teenagers in our society and the long-term impact that may lead to.

  • Extended adolescence & you

    Adolescence cannot last from 11 years old to 29 years old. Our society will crumble economically & socially under the pressure.  I think most people understand that intuitively. They reflect on their teenage years and their early twenties as a time of coming of age. But times have changed. Most sociologists believe adolescence stretches from…

  • Beginning life in the Cartel

    For those who missed my earlier announcement: I’m no longer with Youth Specialties. Starting today I’m joining my friend Marko (Mark Oestreicher) to launch a brand new kind of youth ministry organization, The Youth Cartel. I’ve spent 3 months waiting for September 1st to arrive. Words can’t express how excited I am to get started today. Our byline is “Instigating a…