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  • Pastor’s Freudian Slip Fail

    Ouch. A little too close to home for a Sunday, eh?

  • Lessons from a Fail

    Have you ever had a colossal failure in your work? The type of failure that you just want to look around at everyone and yell, “Jenga!” I had one of these recently. A project failed so badly– I felt like the kid who struck out in the last inning with a man on third. Here…

  • How not to park a boat

  • Fork Lift Driver Fail

    Something tells me this guy is looking for a new job. The news story reported that he was actually only slightly injured. And those boxes… all vodka.

  • Don’t Promise, Deliver

    If you live in the United States, you are the proud owner of the second largest pool of retirees next to the federal government. And as a bonus you also get a small and dying breed of cars formally known as General Motors. We just spent over $80 billion to bailout a company that is…