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  • Exit Strategy

    Over the weekend it was announced that the Huffington Post was selling to AOL for $315 million. The press release will reassure fans that the change in ownership won’t change the core of the business. But it will. The only party who really believes that nothing will change is AOL. From now on a line […]

  • More than a web guy, a lesson for church staff

    There are times when I realize that I’m not showing a ton of depth. Or maybe, it is that I get so pigeon-holed into being the person someone needs that I don’t get to exhibit depth. I feel that way right now. I’ve gotten ingrained here in San Diego as a social media geek. Within […]

  • At least Britney knew some of the words

    And people are ashamed to sing out at church?

  • Are you fake around your pastor?

    Check out this quote. Dear God, I was a pastor for 23 years. It killed me. I am not sure I was every called to it. As you know, the overwhelming numbness finally caved in all around me. Now, I am on the outside of the church looking in and I don’t like what I […]