Weekend in Vegas

This weekend we’ve been hanging out with my mom. She lives about 1 mile off the strip in Las Vegas. Saturday morning, we went to our first ever dog show. It was a small one at a local park. Besides being a bit warm (reminder of the last half of Revelation, right there.) We had…… Continue reading Weekend in Vegas

Ikea Trip

We made our second trip to Ikea this week last night. The first trip was a scouting trip, and this one was a hunting trip. We had a pretty good idea what we wanted, it was just a matter of going to get it.  All told, we got a coffee table, tv stand, computer desk,…… Continue reading Ikea Trip

The injustice of grace

Have you ever thought about what Jesus did and thought, “eh?” I’ve been having this thought lately and I just can’t shake it: It’s a complete injustice that I experience grace. First of all, I need to be clear what I mean by grace since there are several definitions for this word… even the Bible…… Continue reading The injustice of grace

Finding a church home: The Prize

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s look at the grand prize and see what churches in San Diego would get if they won the McLane lottery. The total package. This family of four churchgoers label themselves as “contributors.” They won’t just be bumps on a log at your church, they will give it everything they’ve got. Adam…… Continue reading Finding a church home: The Prize