3 Tips for Dealing with Ministry Frustration

I have several friends for who have used the word “frustrated” in response to the question, “How are things going in your ministry?” Why Am I Frustrated? If your ministry is a job, you will be frustrated for a few reasons. God promises in Genesis 3 that our work will be frustrated as a result…… Continue reading 3 Tips for Dealing with Ministry Frustration

Swinging at the right guy

In 7th grade I ended up in the principle’s office because I got into a fight. Technically, I was trying to break it up and got punched. But, apparently to a 7th grade science teacher, getting punched meant I was in a fight and deserved to be suspended. Within 5 minutes the three of us…… Continue reading Swinging at the right guy

Making the Bible Accessible

“The Bible isn’t for people outside of the church to understand. So it isn’t your place to make the Gospel accessible.” That may be the dumbest quote I’ve ever heard in relation to using sound missiological principles to reach a dead and dying people group. And yet, this quote apparently came from the mouths of…… Continue reading Making the Bible Accessible

Myth: God opens and closes doors

I’ve heard this phrase to the point where I think people actually believe this is somehow a biblical concept. God has opened the door for me to ____. I was pursuing something I really felt called to, but God closed the door. That’s not in the Bible folks. It is a non-biblical, non-Christian philosophy called…… Continue reading Myth: God opens and closes doors