Viva la Cartel! After three amazing years of working at Youth Specialties, it’s with a crazy concoction of sadness and excitement, that I’m sharing today that I’m leaving Youth Specialties to start a new venture. It’s impossible to put into words the emotions I felt just now as I wrote, then again as I rewrote, and over…… Continue reading Viva la Cartel!

Signs of hope in Haiti

I think the open questions in everyones mind boil down to this. 1. Are we (outside visitors, aid workers, missionaries) making a difference in Haiti? 2. Are there any signs that there is a hope for the future of Haiti? To answer that, I thought I’d just share some observations from my week that I…… Continue reading Signs of hope in Haiti

Telecommunications in the 1990s

This video is part of an elaborate hoax. Allegedly, it’s from a British video series from the 1960s about the future. There’s just a little too much social commentary in there to be believable. But it is pretty funny. And I can see how a lot of people could be fooled!