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  • Rat Battle

    Rat Battle

    On the surface, our garden looks healthy. We have lots growing. There are lots of flowers. Things get fertilized. We have good soil. We have good irrigation. Good light, good soil, good seed. That’s a winning strategy in most gardens. You’d think we are doing quite well. You’d be wrong.

  • 10 Minutes of Beauty

    How would your life be different if you spent 10 minutes of every day slowing down enough to see the beauty around you? This is what I saw as I walked around, listening to the birds, hearing myself breathe, sipped my tea, and spent 10 minutes in silence yesterday.

  • Gardening technique is kinda like life


  • How do you like them tomatoes?

    We are getting about 25-30 red tomatoes this size per week right now. This has Kristen making lots of bruchetta and salads and anything else with tomatoes. We love it!

  • Garden Awesomeness

    Adolescent watermelon, originally uploaded by mclanea. There’s lots of fun stuff happening in our garden. Watermelon are coming in strong. And we’re hoping to pick a big batch of jalapeño this weekend. Right behind that are a whole heap of eggplant. Our little garden experiment is going quite well. Thanks to all who encourage us.

  • Garden Update: Success and Failure

    Note: This was my first iPhone movie. Stupid me didn’t use the HD end of the camera. Sorry about that! Here are a few more pictures I shot this evening.

  • What’s growing in the garden?

    Our backyard organic garden experiment started about 6 months ago. Way back in January we had no idea that by July we would have a wide variety of vegetables. But the picture above shows what our normal biweekly harvest now looks like. On top of that,  herbs, summer squash, eggplant, jalapeño, and the occasional strawberry.…

  • Urban Farming Inspiration

    Kristen and I are now 5 months into our experiment. Our goal is to grow or purchase 25% of our food locally in 2010. So far, it’s been a fun experiment! And in the process we’ve found a hobby that the whole family can participate in. One thing that has been incredibly satisfying is knowing…

  • The harvest is coming!

    Yellow tomatoes, originally uploaded by mclanea. Yesterday Paul and I were doing our daily look through the garden. He leaned in and yelled, “Daddy, check this out! We’ve got lots of tomatoes!” In just a couple of weeks all of our summer garden plants will mature and start producing produce. We can’t wait!

  • 5 Spiritual Lessons Learned from Gardening

    We are new gardeners. Our insane 2010 goal of either growing or buying 25% of our families food from a local farmers market has pushed us into a crash course in agriculture. In March and April we planted our second season of vegetables as well as double the amount of property dedicated to veggies. It’s…