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  • God of this City | Door Hangers

    Today, Bob and I went with some other folks from church to place door hangers. So, if you live in the south west area of Romeo… check your doorknob! It’s kind of crazy to compare this year to year’s past. In the past we’ve said “hey, invite your friends.” This year… we’ve gotten everyone out…

  • God of this City | Animated Video

    Man, I wish I knew how to do this. I love what we can do… but sometimes you look at this stuff and go… WOW. This is something a church created for their worship services. Amazing.

  • God of This City, update 1

  • God of This City

    Here’s the video I sent out with our weekly email update. Seriously, if you aren’t a part of a local church and you are looking to connect somewhere… this Sunday is a great place to jump on board.