How to trade halloween candy

OK, so this didn’t quite work for this weeks YouTube You Can Use, but its dang funny. Question: How many days go by before you start stealing your kids candy while they sleep? 

10 Horrible Halloween Treat Ideas

If you care about being Good News in Your Neighborhood, Halloween is one of the easiest days on the calendar to get out and meet a lot of people. Since 2005, I’ve written a number of posts encouraging fellow Christians to embrace Halloween as an opportunity to meet your neighbors. “We Celebrate Halloween” – October…… Continue reading 10 Horrible Halloween Treat Ideas

5 Ways to Be Good News in Your Neighborhood on Halloween

Christians have a weird history with celebrating Halloween. Not growing up in the church I was appalled when I heard church people refer to it as “Devil’s night” and say things like, “Of course we don’t celebrate Halloween.” It’s as if we’re talking about two different holidays. There’s the one that actually happens and the…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Be Good News in Your Neighborhood on Halloween

Halloween Success

My little trick or treaters, waiting for go time., originally uploaded by mclanea. It’d been a couple of years since I have been home for Halloween. So, I was thrilled when the kids informed me that I was taking them trick-or-treating and Kristen was going to stay home and hand out candy. They quickly covered…… Continue reading Halloween Success

3 Reasons to Embrace Halloween

3 reasons why I think every Christian should embrace Halloween as a cultural phenomenon beyond personal convictions that you are endorsing evil. Don’t punish your kids for your convictions. We don’t let our kids dress up as demons or witches… but we do allow them to wear costumes because it’s fun. But to keep them at…… Continue reading 3 Reasons to Embrace Halloween

Themes from NYWC

I had a great weekend in Cincinnati. I had lots of time to connect with old friends, meet tons of new people, and got into a multitude of deep conversations about life, work, ministry, and family. Over and over again themes came into conversation. These weren’t things I brought up… it just seemed like everything…… Continue reading Themes from NYWC